Brianna Lowry


Bri comes to The Spot Athletics with a belief in building quality movement for optimal performance.  Originally from Herndon, VA, she played collegiate-level basketball at Westfield State University in Westfield, MA.  Since Bri was the shortest player on her college team, she knew that she had to make up for her height with speed and strength.  With her college not having a strength coach available for the sports teams, she utilized a variety of learning materials to acquire a personal training certification from NASM and began formulating programs for herself, her teammates, and other fellow student-athletes. 

After seeing how her training was impacting her sport performance, following graduation she decided to pursue a Master's degree in Exercise Science from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA, to better understand the effects of exercise on the human body.  While working as both a personal trainer and a campus lab manager during grad school, she was exposed to and wrote training programs for a variety of populations, including bodybuilders, active duty military, high school swimming, and middle school softball.  During this time she also acquired her CSCS.

Outside of the gym, Bri enjoys staying active and exploring with her dog, Gunnar.  She continues to play basketball via recreational leagues and Gus Macker 3v3 tournaments.  You may also find her running or biking through the streets of Columbus, since she is now getting into triathlons after completing IRONMAN Louisville in October 2017.  Feel free to talk to her about classic rock music or Game of Thrones, or challenge her to a corny joke battle.