David Winton


David has a major passion for coaching and racing endurance events! He holds certifications in Strength and Conditioning (NSCA-CSCS), Functional Movement Screening (FMS), and USA Triathlon (USAT). Because of his degree in Exercise Physiology, he understands training and the human body's physiological response to it from a deep, scientific level, and is able to develop intelligent lesson plans accordingly. David is an expert at prescribing personalized and team training programs which take into account background, fitness & skill level, and the goals that they are trying to reach.

As a competitive athlete  he has earned the following honors: 4 time USA Triathlon All-American, 4 time Ironman All World Athlete Award (Top 1%), and qualified for two Ironman World Championships.

Certifications: NSCA-CSCS, USAT Level 1, FMS, Bike Fit Certified (Slow Twitch)