Finally, a sport specific program designed for endurance athletes!

Be a part of a program designed and coached by a world class endurance athlete.

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David winton has an exceptional history with endurance training, earning himself a number of awards and accolades such as: Ironman All World Athlete award (top 1%), USA Triathlon All-American, Qualified and raced Ironman World Championships.

Besides being an accomplished endurance athlete himself Dave holds a BS in Exercise Science from Ohio University and is enrolled in a Masters of Sports Coaching from The Ohio State University. Dave is a certified USA Triathlon Coach through USAT and Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach.

Dave is originally from Strongsville Ohio spent the last 5 years living in San Francisco to train, coach and compete at a world class level in Triathlon. While in SF, Dave held the title of Team Director for Breakaway Performance, the premier triathlon training program in the Bay Area.

Offseason training to prepare you for you best season of competing ever!

Key variables to our unique endurance training program

Intelligent Design. Our program follows a periodization model that appropriately progresses athletes through endurance, strength, and power training blocks. This method is proven scientifically to avoid plateaus and maximizing you training.

Injury prevention. While there is no guarantee that you won’t get injured while training for an event, you can significantly reduce your risk for injury by building stronger bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. You won’t get these benefits from body weight training alone. Our training will include lifting weights that help prepare the body for the stresses during training and race day.

Increased performance. Want to be faster during your swim, bike, or run? Strength training increases your power output and efficiency which will get you across the finish line faster! The movements you will perform in class will translated to better body mechanics for swimming, biking, and running. Better mechanics and stronger body = faster athlete

Improve body composition. Endless miles on the bike or running is not enough for weight loss. Strength training decreases your body fat, improves your lean muscle mass, and boosts your metabolism. Having a leaner body means less mass that you need to carry to the finish line. Better on your joints and better for that elusive personal record.

More resilient. Your body will be able to recover from workouts faster, and perform higher quality training throughout the season. The better you recover, the more effective your training will be. As you training volume increase throughout the season you will need to be able to bounce back from long workouts. A more resilient body response better to training!

This program is scaled for all ability levels. So whether you are a seasoned endurance veteran looking to qualify for Boston or a newbie looking to try their first event ever, this program is for you!

Training Program Includes ($200/ monthly)

  • Performance Assessment to test body composition, race calendar, goal setting, and movement screening

  • 2x per week of Semi Private Endurance Strength Training Class (max 10:1 athlete to coach ratio)

  • Unlimited Life Ready Group Classes (7 days per week, over 20 classes offered per week)

  • Natural Running form clinic where you will learn to run with proper mechanics to prevent injuries and improve your speed

Sessions held at our Grandview location

Tuesday & ThursDay from 5:35-6:35PM

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Not only do you get world-class coaching, but world-class facilities.

Or, let us know if you have questions