Crush the competition!

train like never before

skate faster, hit harder and do it all longer

Hockey Specific summer program

90 minute sessions

For players 12 and up

Pick from 2 or 3 day per week options

IMPORTANT: If you are creating an account for the 1st time, please create it under your child’s name/birthday but with your contact info.

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Training Times

Dublin Times:

10:30am - 12pm M/W/F
3:00 - 4:30pm M/W
2:30 - 4:00pm Friday

Grandview Times

4:00-5:30pm M/W
7:30-9:00am F

CLICK HERE for 2x/wk Both Blocks - $475

CLICK HERE for 2x/wk Block A - $250

CLICK HERE for 2x/wk Block B - $250

CLICK HERE for 3x/wk Both Blocks - $625

CLICK HERE for 3x/wk Block A - $325

CLICK HERE for 3x/wk Block B - $325

Block A: June 3rd - July 7th | Block B: July 8th - August 11th | Both Blocks: June 3rd - August 11th

Train with world class coaches at one of the largest private training facilities in the world.

CONVENIENTly located in the heart of dublin

6740 Holt Rd, Dublin, Ohio 43017