Justin Nicholes

Managing director

Justin comes to the spot athletics with diverse work experience in the field, and years of education. Justin played football and was a member of the swim team in high school. He fell in love with training 17 years ago walking into his high school's field house for his first football off-season training. Since, he has competed in a variety of strength and endurance sports including powerlifting, weightlifting, running, and triathlons. 

Justin attended Ohio University where he obtained his BS in Exercise Physiology. From there, he worked as a Strength and Conditioning coach at Upper Arlington High School while obtaining his MS in Exercise Physiology. He has also become a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the NSCA. He has a great knowledge base in the human body as he previously taught Anatomy and Physiology at the college level. Justin worked as a clinical exercise physiologist before coming to the spot athletics where he specialized in spinal cord injury rehabilitation. This has molded him into understanding human movement, and the intricacies of how the nervous system functions to allow us to perform this movement.