In the spring of 2015, Kirk Sabalka received his bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from Oregon State University. Originally from Texas, Kirk was involved in a variety of sports while was growing up, but he always envisioned playing football in college. During his senior year in high school, injuries forced Kirk to work with the strength and conditioning team so he could get back onto the field. During the healing process, Kirk built a strong relationship with the strength coach at his high school so when the coach decided to host a mini-strongman competition, Kirk decided to participate.

He was hooked and immediately changed his focus from being a college football athlete to becoming a strength and conditioning coach.

Kirk began his development as a coach in college while he worked with the women’s swimming and football teams as an intern with the Oregon State strength and conditioning program. Immediately following graduation, Kirk packed his car and headed east to join The Spot Athletic’s family. When he's not helping clients get stronger at The Spot he competes in both strongman and powerlifting competitions.