Cops and Firefighters

Put down the muscle mags. Looking big, fast and strong is one thing but actually being big, fast and strong is another thing. I have worked with a handful of firefighters and cops here at The Spot and there is a common theme. Most of you train like bodybuilders and I hate to break it to you but that's wrong. You guys need to train for your profession. You need to be able to sprint, jump, tackle, carry heavy loads. Good luck catching a crack head or carrying that hose up 5 flights of stairs with all your equipment on training like that. Your life depends on being fast, strong and in the best shape of you life...Daily.

Who is fast, strong, explosive, mobile, can carry heavy loads continuously and is in amazing shape. Give up? Athletes thats who. 

If you want to go home to your husband, wife and kids then you need to take care of your body the right way. So lets think here. Who is fast, strong, explosive, mobile, can carry heavy loads continuously and is in amazing shape. Give up? Athletes thats who. Train like an athlete ladies and gentlemen. Also I am going to say this, find a good trainer who produces results with athletes and pay them to train with you. It's your life that is on the line not mine but if I need you to help me, you better be in the best shape as possible. Oh and guess what it's a tax write off. So there is no reason you shouldn't have an awesome trainer like one us from The Spot.

But if you can't afford a trainer here are some tips to get you started:

1: Improve mobility and movement patterns. A lot of you sit around most of the day which in a round about way is sedentary. This leads to poor posture, tight pecs, rounded shoulders, tight hips, poor running patterns etc. So you must improve these just so you can move better.

2: Utilize sprints, jumps and throws. These will make you more explosive. You'll be able to take off quicker and catch an eluding subject. Or if need be throw an explosive fist to the culprit. Cops and firefighters like athletes need to train for their job. You need to be able to do something repeatedly over a period of time.

3: Get strong. Firefighters, you guys carry a lot of equipment, you work with heavy equipment and with a growing obesity rate you'll be carrying a lot of obese people. Cops you will be involved in hand to hand combat. Don't lose because some guy is stronger then you.

4: Train the middle. If your upper body is strong great. If your lower body is strong great. If the core is weak it doesn't matter. Simple

5: When we train athletes for conditioning we have to emulate their game. Short bursts with short rest. Like a football game. You need to do the same with your conditioning. You need to raise your aerobic and anaerobic conditioning. 

Sample program (Dynamic upper/Heavy lower)

1: Dynamic warm-up addressing mobility restrictions. Get the heart rate up and the body ready to perform the up-coming tasks.

2: Med ball throws. Over-head backwards throws 15 throws

3: Box squat work up to a heavy 5

4: Romanian deadlift 4 sets of 8-10 superset with weighted planks 4x60 seconds

5: Suitcase lunges 4x20 steps (10 on each leg) superset with bent leg pull throughs 4x10


20 yard sprints 10 sprints 20 seconds rest in-between each sprint

This is a very basic workout but it gives you a basic idea utilizing the points above. Here at The Spot we take you through a comprehensive assessment to see where your issues are and whats holding you back from becoming awesome. Based on this assessment we can develop a program based on your individual needs. So stop bodybuilding and start training like an athlete. Your life depends on it.

If you would like to start training like an athlete along with feeling and moving better please feel free to contact me by calling 614-753-1314 or email me at I look forward to hearing from you and helping you become awesome at your job.

Coach Bronkall