Why do you do what you do?  

Is there a reason?  

Is there a goal that that you want to achieve?  

Figuring out your “why” is easily most important question that everyone should ask themselves. It takes time, learning, experience, failure, and most importantly honesty. My why for example is helping others, I’m aware that I enjoy people and as my experiences, knowledge, and even my failures continue my why has only been reinforced. 

Knowing your “why” not only can bring more motivation in life, but give purpose!

The first step when asking yourself this question the is to start with yourself. I would personally turn all disturbances off around me and sit in silence and listen. I wasn’t listening to anything in particular, but just letting my mind wander. Write down things that you enjoy, things you enjoy learning about, things you failed at, things that make you happy, things you hate, etc. Look at these things, examine and compare. Is there one constant thing that seems to appear in multiple places?  

The point is to realize that there is something in your life that you truly enjoy doing. With me I knew I enjoyed being around people, fitness/lifting, and making people smile. Now this is only the beginning of the journey, but it’s a good start.

The Next step would be to learn what kind of things that you can do that apply to the things you enjoy and like. Examples could be anything from entrepreneurship or that dream job that you have always wanted. Since I enjoy helping others and fitness, I figured something in the health field (Trainer, physical therapist, etc.) was the no brainer for a profession. However, this is where the experience becomes involved and I needed to learn what was out in the world that I could pursue. As most people do and I believe helped me the most, was internships. Getting a firsthand experience at what you may believe to be the perfect job or make you the most money may not be what your “why” can agree with. I thought initially physical therapy was the way to go, it paid well, was still in a health setting, and interacting with people. I hated it. It is easy to settle for pretty good situations or good enough jobs that can pay the bills, but does that make you happy?  

Once again that applies to knowing yourself. Now some are ok with living a miserable life, if that means extra money or being able to have the extra amenities that don’t always bring happiness, but are cool to have. I am not saying this is wrong, everyone has the right to make their own decisions.

 Lastly, is the pursuit of your “why.” Whether as stated above, that means starting your own business, or doing everything it takes to get the dream job you want. For some, this may mean taking a huge risk from a good situation. Whatever the case may be, the pursuit of “why” is the driving force of the universe. People who do what they love, make the world a better place. For those who take pay cuts in order to do something that might not pay as much, but at the end of the day brings a great deal more happiness, I salute you!  

You can tell when you are around someone who is aware of their “why” because they will be much more driven individuals. You will be able to sense and feel their passion for their profession, business, etc. What do you think people would say about you after watching you in your profession, life, etc.?  

The goal of this article is to get YOU thinking. How can you make life for you and those around you better? Are you doing something you truly love or settling for good enough? Is there something that you have always wanted to pursue, but you let it go because you figured people would mess with you or not agree? The pursuit of why is never-ending, it’s hard, it takes honesty with yourself, learning, and failure.  I know I will continue to pursue things that apply to my personal “why” that is still evolving to this day. Hopefully this article made you think and maybe can alter your outlook on life or give you the motivation to explore and pursue YOUR “why.”