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JL Holdsworth


JL Holdsworth is a world champion powerlifter, published author and former University of Kentucky strength and conditioning coach. With over 30,000 hours of practical experience and competition best lifts of a 905 lb. squat, 775 lb. bench press, and a 804 lb. deadlift, JL is no doubt one of the strongest and most experienced strength and conditioning coaches in the industry.

JL has been the official speed and performance coach for the Major League Lacrosse, Ohio Machine, for the past 3 seasons. He is a highly sought after speaker and has presented internationally on many topics relating to human performance. He regularly consults with major collegiate, NFL and NHL programs such as The New York Jets, St. Louis Blues, University of Clemson & The Ohio State University.

In 2010 he founded The Spot Athletics and has built that small private training facility into two 20,000sq. ft. locations in the Columbus, OH area. Along with his facilities, JL is the Co-Founder of Reflexive Performance Reset (RPR), an injury prevention and performance system being used by many top sports organizations around the world.